Programs aiming at the development of cognitive and mental skills: these courses of action focus on teaching basic school knowledge (reading and writing), as well as developing the residents’ personal and social skills.
Program of vocational guidance and counseling: pre-vocational and vocational guidance is provided, including information on the various professions and work ethics, as well as practice of basic vocational skills.
Program aiming to the encouragement of autonomy in everyday life: its main purpose is to aid the residents develop skills concerning their personal hygiene and care of their private room, as well as to enhance their sense of responsibility.

Individual and group counseling and psychological support: the services provided here mostly concern prevention and helping the individuals improve their self image, as well as develop their full potential.

Family support and counseling: special support is provided to the residents’ families so as to help them acknowledge and accept the difficulty, while at the same time providing adequate guideline in order to maximize the results of the therapeutic intervention.

In order for the above therapeutic courses of action to bear fruit, the health professionals employed at the Homes of Supportive Living (psychiatrist, pathologist, social worker, psychologist, teachers, occupational therapist, physiotherapist) have to work as a team, providing services of holistic care and support to the residents.