At the Homes of Supportive Living “M. Kokkori” a variety of group activities is also realized, having as a goal the development, conservation and generalization of the residents’ psychological and cognitive skills. At the same time, they encourage the enhancement of their self confidence and their ability to adjust in various circumstances. The long-term objective is the residents’ participation in the social community’s proceedings and their smooth integration into society.
In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, emphasis is placed on the creation of a friendly environment where each individual is respected and encouraged to undertake initiatives, unfold their talents and develop sufficient interpersonal relationships. The definition of each resident’s needs and the ability to adjust the interventional programs accordingly, is also of crucial importance.

At the Homes of Supportive Living (H.S.L) “M. Kokkori” a number of workshops, social – emotional groups and recreational groups function as part of the educational program. Specifically, the groups available are the following:
• Groups for individuals with learning disabilities
• Group of occupational therapy, aiming at the development of gross and fine motor- coordination(painting, handicrafts, art therapy)
• Independent living group (personal care and hygiene, housework, cooking, confectionery)
• Groups of personal, emotional and social development
• Pre-vocational workshops (loom, embroidery, jewelry making)
• Music therapy group
• Interactive and computer groups
• Carpentry and pottery workshops
• Recreational groups