At the intersection of Agamemnonos and 28th Promitheos Street in Ano Glyfada, one encounters the Homes of Supportive Living “Maria Kokkori”. After seven years of operating the Homes, we can claim than we have succeeded in creating an absolutely functional and aesthetically unique place, meeting the needs of the residents.
The three floors of the building, with their chic and understated décor, create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. On the ground floor, there is a modern reception area where one can encounter someone from the staff of our Homes to welcome you, any time of the day.
On the ground floor left there is a dining room, a spacious room connected directly to the kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped with every modern appliance and operates in accordance with the specifications of the H.A.C.C.P system.
On the same floor there is the favorite meeting place of our residents, the lounge, which reflects the understated luxury and the unique aesthetics of our Homes. In classical noble lines, it creates a welcoming atmosphere and invites us to celebrate with our friends every beautiful moment of our lives.
On the ground floor, on the right, by the reception, we can meet the first unit with nine bedrooms. Attention to every detail has been paid for every room and in this way a warm and inviting palette of colors is unfolded, so as to make the stay of our residents more enjoyable. Beautiful furniture, plenty of natural light, large balconies full of flowers, are just some of the features of our rooms. Each bedroom has its own individual toilet, especially adapted for people with disabilities.
Climbing the stairs to the first floor, on our right, we can find the second unit of our Homes with the remaining nine bedrooms. A bit further on the right we meet the workshops of the residents, elegant classrooms furnished with modern visual equipment. Specifically, there is an interactive board that makes learning not only effective but also more enjoyable and creative.
However, the use of technology does not stop there. Our workshops are equipped with several computers and computer touch (I-pads), the use of which is very easy for people with special needs. On the same floor one finds the offices of the administration, the secretariat, the offices of the social worker, the psychologist, the teachers, the accountant as well as the nursing room – pharmacy, which is equipped with every modern medical means such as laryngoscope, cannonball oxygen, cardiograph etc.
As we believe that exercise offers our residents a wide range of health benefits as well as preserves the wellness of their body, we have ensured the operation of a gym in the basement of our building, equipped with all the basic types of fitness equipment such as a treadmill, a bicycle, fitness mattresses, tires and pilates balls. In the very same area, physiotherapy takes place.
There is even a home cinema where our residents are able to watch movies. Moreover, spacious tables in this area offer them the chance to play board games, paint and do various handicrafts.
Opposite the gym there are professional washing machines and dryers as well as a huge wardrobe, which covers our residents’ needs in the best possible way.
In the eastern part of the same level, there is a pastry / cooking workshop where the creative tendencies of the residents are unfolded. On the opposite side there is the central storehouse of food and consumable products. The entire building is air-conditioned by a central unit.
In the yard of our Homes one can see the chapel of St. John the Baptist as well as a green garden. The building is also furnished with modern sophisticated security systems and a security surveillance system of detection and extinguishing of fire. Moreover, there are fire exits on each floor. The transition from floor to floor is accomplished by both stairs and elevator.
In the building’s entrance there is a ramp properly configured for wheelchairs.